from by BEIJU



{Tu prends toute la place. La lumiere se refracte sur la petite fenetre. Chaque rayon s'en va, vers toi. Au centre cache, quel silence m'empeche de parler?}

Every time that I close my eyes
Vertigo imploding the skies
But i feel true
'Seen the light you gave me

A fortune in flight
magazine of unknown delight
It's not so far
I'm already there beyond sight

Wish I didn't have to go
breaks my heart I love you so (damn much)

{Lifted, I am lifted in motion}


from DEMAIN, released July 7, 2017
Composition and production : Caitlin Seager
Vocals recorded by Justin Matthews.
Engineered and mastered by Lillia Betz.



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BEIJU New York

DEMAIN is the first EP from NYC outfit BEIJU. Stay tuned.

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